Aquario Restaurant
Aquario Restaurant

Aquario Restaurant

Similar lunch menu is available with lunch prices.



Chicken Char-Broiled In the Bone Served with Garlic
and Fresh Parsley Sauce 18.00

Alentejana- Cubes of Pork Loin and Little
Neck Clams Sautéed in Wine and Fresh Cilantro 19.00

Chicken Cutlet Pan Sauted in a Leek Sauce
with Oyster Mushrooms 18.00

Osso Buco- Veal Shank Braised in a Light Sauce
of White Wine and Fresh Tomato Pureé 38.00

Long Island Duck Roasted Served with Calvados Sauce 21.95

Paelha, Combination of Shellfish, Chicken
and Pork over Saffron Rice 26.00

Sirloin Steak Char-Broiled Served with
Roast Potatoes & Broccoli Rabe 28.00

Veal Chop Broiled Served with Broccoli Rabe 34.00

Rib-Eye Steak Char-Broiled Served withThree
Jumbo Shrimp Broiled Butterfly Style 39.00

Rack of Lamb Broiled Served with a
Touch of Garlic Sauce 35.00

Filet Mignon Broiled to your taste Served
with a 9 oz. Lobster Tail 48.00


All Main Courses are Served with Steamed Vegetables
and Rice and Black Beans.

In selecting the finest and freshest foods of the season
our menu and prices may change according to the market.













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