Aquario Restaurant
Aquario Restaurant

Aquario Restaurant

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California Jumbo Green Asparagus Steamed
Served with or without Hollandaise Sauce 8.50

Mediterranean Octopus Broiled Served
with Sautéed Garlic in Olive Oil 13.50

Snails Sautéed in Cognac Sauce over Linguini 9.50

Portobello Mushrooms Sautéed in Garlic Sauce 8.50

New Zealand Green Mussels Baked in a Red Sauce of
Sliced Tomatoes, Onions, Green and Red Sweet Peppers 9.50

Little Neck Clams Steamed in White Wine, Garlic,
Fresh Cilantro and a Touch of Dijon Mustard 10.50

Jumbo Shrimp Pan Sautéed in Fresh
Tomato Puree and Cognac Sauce 13.50

New Bedford Squid Stuffed with Shrimp
and Minced Vegetables 13.50

Fresh Imported Portuguese Sardines Broiled
Served with Fresh Roasted Peppers 9.00

Stuffed Clams Sold by the Piece 1.50


In selecting the finest and freshest foods of the season
our menu and prices may change according to the market.













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