Aquario Restaurant
Aquario Restaurant

Aquario Restaurant

Similar lunch menu is available with lunch prices.



Silver Seam Bream (Dourada), Filet or
Whole Fish Broiled in Lemon and Olive Oil 24.50

Monk Fish Pan-Steamed Served in a Red Sauce of Fresh
Tomatoes, Onions, Sweet Red and Green Peppers 24.95

Deep Sea Black Grouper Pan Sautéed
Served in a Light Shrimp Sauce 25.50

Red Snapper Filet Baked in Olive Oil
and Sautéed Onions 23.95

Canadian Halibut Filet Pan Sautéed
Served with Banana Flambé 26.50

Chilean Sea Bass Broiled Served
with Capers Sauce 28.00

Yellow Fin Tuna Pan Sautéed in White Wine,
a Touch of Garlic Mustard Sauce and Fresh Cilantro 27.00

Brook Trout Filet Pan Sautéed Topped
with Roasted Sliced Almonds 18.00

Norwegian Dry Cod Fish, Bacalhau, Char-Broiled
served in Olive Oil & Garlic 23.95

West Coast Wild King Salmon Broiled Filet Served
with Hollandaise Sauce on the Side 23.95

Center Cut of Sword Fish Broiled Topped with Sautéed
Onions in Balsamic Vinegar 25.50

Branzini Filet or Whole Fish 2 lbs. Broiled 24.50

Imported Dover Sole Filet or Whole Fish Broiled
Served in a Meuniere Sauce 35.00

Seafood Broiled Combination of Grey Sole,
Jumbo Shrimp, & Sea Scallops 23.95


All Main Courses are Served with Steamed Vegetables
and Rice and Black Beans

In selecting the finest and freshest foods of the season
our menu and prices may change according to the market.













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